LinkedIn Makeover
learn how to maximize results from the most powerful professional network in existence

LinkedIn is the largest professional employment community in existence. If you are looking for a professional job there is no better network of employers anywhere.  Is your profile helping or hurting your chances of getting hired?

  • Optimize your profile to make sure it is easily found by recruiters and employers
  • Create a personal brand that attracts employers
  • Configure all feature settings to ensure that recruiters know you are available while maintaining appropriate confidentiality
  • Accentuate your skills and experience
  • Collect and display powerful recommendations

This course includes 1 session with an employment expert who will complete a comprehensive review of your profile.  Your coach will leave you with clear direction and provide easy-to-understand action steps so that you can complete and maintain your profile.  The session will be approximately 55 minutes and conducted via live video conference and phone.