A Guided Do-It-Yourself Solution to Hiring in the Modern Marketplace

Critical Issues Facing Recruiters and Hiring Managers

  • Lowest unemployment rates in recent history
  • Candidates ‘ghosting’ for scheduled interviews and employment
  • High cost of outsourcing to a recruiting agency
  • Rapidly evolving recruiting technology that can disrupt rather than assist your search
  • Increased gig economy means fewer employees interested in traditional employment

Sharpen Your Hiring Skills

The Unites States is experiencing the lowest unemployment rate of our lives.  Competition for all levels of employees is fierce because anyone that wants a job already has one. Social media, job sites and applicant tracking systems are exciting tools that have opened new options for employers.  But without guidance these technologies can burn up valuable time and money.

Simply put, the employment market has changed.  Posting your job on a few job boards is no longer good enough. Progressive organizations that are adapting to the new realities of hiring are quickly adopting new practices to win the war for talent.

  • Create job descriptions that are fresh, informative and that grab the attention of your target candidates
  • Recruit ‘passive’ candidates who are gainfully employed rather than relying on the unemployed (and uninspired) candidates found on the job boards
  • Select recruiting tools best suited to your needs
  • Develop a clear interview process that thoroughly vets candidates for the skills and experience you need most.
  • Interview in your own style using our proven technique that will allow you to make great hiring decisions.

Program content is highly customized to meet the needs of any person in a recruiting or hiring position.  Whether you are making your first or thousandth hire Hire Guide is here for you!

Available through 1 day classroom delivery, online eLearning, one-on-one coaching, or webinar.

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